Learning Campaigns

Southern Health

A learning campaign to support and develop quality improvements across Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust services and and support operations.


To develop a programme of content to drive incremental improvements across staff training covering onboarding, sustainability, learning resources for medical staff.

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Our solution

Learning support materials

To support medical staff taking the Clinical Care Certificate we developed a number of scenario films in collaboration with SMEs. The films use narrative drama and characterisation as an effective way to communicate the learning and frame the key competencies of the certificate.

The films explore the areas of patient care, conflict resolution, communication and train the trainer support.

The films are beautifully shot and edited with scripts that provide drama, humour and moments of the surreal to highlight the learning points and best practice delivery of patient care.

To complement the narrative content Atticmedia created a suite of YouTube style how to videos covering practical clinical care topics, supporting staff as refresher resources.

Sustainability Song

Part of a series of ‘hearts and minds’ resources exploring and promoting sustainable ways of working and behaviours we wrote, recorded and set to an animation focusing on the most important hook for healthcare professionals; that they care about patients and being sustainable means more resources to help them do so.

A stand out content item widely shared by staff themselves led to a follow up digital learning resource to accompany the song also created by Atticmedia.

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Realising the potential of our solutions was a direct result of the collective understanding and creativity we developed in partnership with the team at Southern Health. By tackling the quality challenges together and trusting each other we were able to produce a portfolio of websites, digital learning resources and assets that deliver more than the sum of their individual parts.

The Sustainability song went viral in the organisation, creating a fantastic buzz as the Trust went for ISO140001 accreditation.

Some of the greatest feedback is seeing the resources being used. On subsequent visits to Southern Health on more than one occasion we observed teaching rooms with our material being used as part of a blended learning approach.

We strongly believe projects that are highly collaborative between agency and client deliver the most successful outcomes and Atticmedia were applauded for the relationships we developed with key Southern Health stakeholders. By understanding the audience and need for each element we were able to develop engaging resources across the campaign to drive quality and motivate learners.

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