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A digital course for The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), a social care charity, focusing on Adult Safeguarding for industry professionals and members of the public.


To deliver key learning around a complex subject to a wide audience through case studies with a form of assessment to test users' knowledge.

Our solution

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Atticmedia worked in partnership with SCIE Subject Matter Experts to deliver an extensive course exploring the issues through engaging storytelling covering issues such as identifying abuse, practical advice and guiding users through the legal legislation.

The course created is comprehensive but delivered in an imaginative and accessible way. Working closely with SCIE we scripted and produced dramatised case study scenarios alongside other supporting video content such as expert interviews and vox pops to layer up the learning experience.

A key feature is the ‘Mind Map’ which brings to life how different people and contexts are linked together. The map provides a navigation around a theme and a number of perspectives rather than a simple linear pathway.

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The imaginative and high quality video scenarios we created as part of the course bring to life difficult and nuanced learning to a very wide audience.

The course has provided a blueprint for SCIE's in-house team to develop other digital courses and extend and adapt the approach according to learner feedback since the course first launched. This ability has allowed SCIE to bring their Social Care expertise into a blended learning context deepening the engagement and support the charity is delivering across the vital area of social care. The course has recently been re-launched as part of a CPD offering from SCIE.

The digital course created is a SCORM compliant resource accessible from the SCIE website.

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