Executive Education

London Business School

Content development and production for LBS Executive Education training programmes


Beginning with an initial commission to film and edit a series of client interviews as part of an Executive Education programme this initial project highlighted our capability to produce broadcast quality content and manage production logistics across Paris and London.

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Our solution

Building our relationship with LBS as a client and engaging learners by going into greater learning design depth in pre-production.

As a specialist learning design agency we have added value to LBS with our collaborative and learning focussed approach. Through the pre-production stage of any given content asset (or family of assets) we have worked closely with the world class LBS contributors' and programme leads developing creative treatments that support both digital and real world elements of the learning. Thoughtful use of distinctive filming techniques and formats match the contributors style and personality, and importantly, prevent the delivery from feeling repetitive when multiple content assets are needed.

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Atticmedia have delivered over 60 videos and animations for LBS across a wide range of Executive Education programmes covering client interviews, imaginative and engaging animations that bring concepts to life, as well as thought pieces, discussions, trailers, promos, and learner orientation films.

By understanding the learning objective, landscape and context of what LBS are looking to achieve we are able to elevate the content and help LBS recognise the possibilities of digital content above obvious and simple formats.

The proof of the results are demonstrated in a great working relationship which continues to develop with great feedback from LBS, clients and learners.

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