Learning design

BBC Janala

Innovative English language learning service


Atticmedia was commissioned by the BBC World Service Trust (now BBC Media Action) to help develop the branding and approach for a major new English language learning service for Bangla speakers in Bangladesh and the UK.

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Our solution

Atticmedia put together a dedicated team for BBC WST. This team was put through a crash-course in Bangla and immersed itself in Bangladesh culture. Detailed personas of users were created as well as in-depth research around the target demographics. The team was then sent off to spend time across Bangladesh, working through ideas and approaches in a wide variety of environments - from the densely overpopulated city of Dhaka to some of the remotest and least accessible rural villages.

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Atticmedia developed the brand ‘Janala’, a Bangla word which means ‘window’ and has a spiritual sense of meaning linked to self-development. We developed this brand so that it could be used across all the WST services - from digital to mobile to newspaper to TV to radio. The design and style of the brand was inspired and driven by local Bangladeshi visual and audio culture, and during the lifetime of BBC Janala came to be a brand recognised by over 45m people. Atticmedia also helped BBC WST develop their learning approach, feeding into the development of what became an unparalleled success - a simple ‘voicemail’ system where users could simply ring a subsidised number to access their latest English lesson. This approach led to over 25m active learners across Bangladesh.

We are incredibly proud of our role in the initiation of BBC Janala and the huge amount of help it has managed to give to everyday people across Bangladesh, opening up new opportunities at work and at school.

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