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Opening up the world of English language learning for business professionals.

Excedo, an English language learning startup backed by Nikkei and the FT, is a serivce targeted to businesses and professionals looking to develop their business English skills. Operating in a crowded market with established players our design thinking has helped Excedo deliver a mobile first proposition that stands out as a quality language learning service that delivers results.


As a startup Excedo are working towards commercial success by becoming revenue independent from investors within 18 months.

Images of the mobile learning app


We have worked with Excedo from the beginning of their product journey and supported the organisation in a number of key areas where design and business building move in step together.

  • We worked closely with the leadership team to develop the vision and service proposition for the product and the operating model for the organisation work to. Our facilatation has enabled joined up ways of working across business between product, content and marketing.

  • Our wireframe work helped to expand and clarrify the learning experience to develop the mircolearning, active pedagogy and Learning Counsellors (live video interactions) that are a fundamental differentiator to the Excedo service.

  • Our visual design work developed the brand positioning and bring the service to life with a visual language that supports the delivery of the courses and modules

  • We have helped the organisation build cross functional ways of working through Product Developement, Marketing & Content teams to develop a consistent identity across all areas of the service delivery.

  • Worked with Marketing on Campaign communications to build awareness.


  • The product has successfully launched in Japan with Mexico to follow by summer 2019

  • High profile market penetration supported by TV and media advertising

  • Initial sales & take-up are developing rapidly with the goal for the service to become the market leader within 18 months.

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