Brand and skills development

BBC Janala

Innovative English language learning service


With the rise of globalisation, English language skills have increasingly become an economic necessity. The BBC World Service Trust (now BBC Media Action) asked Atticmedia to assist them in a DFID-backed language learning programme.

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Our solution

Mobile learning with a difference

Atticmedia put together a dedicated team for BBC WST. Following a crash-course in Bangla, the team immersed itself in Bangladesh, from the densely populated city of Dhaka to the remotest rural villages, working through a wide number of ideas and approaches.

Inspired by local Bangladeshi visual and audio culture we developed the brand ‘Janala’ for use across mobile, web, TV, radio and newspaper. Janala is a Bangla word which means ‘window’ and has a spiritual sense linked to self-development.

We worked closely with the BBC WST team to help test out and develop learning approaches via mobile. This led to a simple voicemail system where users could ring a subsidised number to access their latest English lesson.

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During the lifetime of BBC Janala it came to be a brand recognised by over 45m people, with over 25m actively engaged learners. Its achievements have been recognised by numerous international awards, and is a wonderful example how the right solution may actually be older, under-utilised technology rather than the latest trend.

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