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BBC Janala

English language training with an audience of tens of millions.

What was the client challenge?

Part of the BBC’s international remit is to promote the learning of English across the world. A key region for this is the Indian subcontinent and specifically, Bangadesh They needed to create a brand and platform for mobile english language learning delivered using innovative ways of engaging a young emerging community of aspirational learners

The client required a service which was accessible to as many people in Bangladesh as possible - regardless of education, gender, background and location - that encouraged the learning of English and delivered an effective and useful first step into the language and culture of the UK.

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Attic’s response

Atticmedia researched, designed and delivered a learning programme tailored to key identified audience types and offering practical application of the English language In depth ethnographic research was carried out in Bangladesh to conduct user testing across a number of demographics and locations from Dhaka to some of the remotest villages on the edges of the country. Our research informed the development of the learning approach, which utilised voicemail via mobile telephone as a delivery mechanism for language lessons. Developed and launched the brand ‘Janala’ which is Bangla for ‘window’.


BBC Janala reached 25m users, with 16m active learners who were classed as those using Janala on a regular basis [can dig up actual stats]. The brand ‘Janala’ became one of the best known external brands across Bangladesh.

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