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Bringing new clinical innovations to life across a global network of healthcare professionals.


AlignTech are global leaders in dental health and home to the Invisalign invisible dental realignment product. To date AlignTech's products and services have transformed 7m smiles worldwide. Key to AlignTech's revenue generation are recommendations from independent front line healthcare practioners as advocates of the Invisalign process to thier patients. The AlignTech story and its continued success is deeply linked to building and developing strong relationships with a global network of clinical professionals.

AlignTech have a programme of advocacy building and support their network, however the workflow for the delivery of this was slow and inefficient, taking around 6 months to move from initial development to live delivery. AlignTech came to Attic for support to create a faster delivery process and a richer content experience to build the reach and quality of their adovacy programme.

images from AlignTechs training content

Our work

We designed and led the delivery of a clinical best practice portal as part of a hybrid client/agency team. The portal content delivered globally in 10 languages.

As part of the delivery workflow we transformed ways of working and cut through legacy issues to establish cross functional teamwork and delivery processes. Our work in this area help AlignTech thread together content, design and techincal development as part of an improved and joined up digital delivery system. The learning journeys created are mapped to a ‘lifetime customer value’ of partner clincial professional and their patients.


Turnaround time for delivery of new product support and training reduced from 6 months to two weeks supporting 10 languages.

Portal traffic exceeded uptake targets by 300%

A significant reduction in cost to deliver content to AlignTech's global practitioner network.

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