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Creating a new digital capability for the delivery of human rights advocacy training across the world.


Based in Geneva and New York, the ISHR support human rights defenders across the world, holding governments to account and protecting vulnerable campaigners, often in very dangerous circumstances.

The NGO helps human rights defenders access the United Nations and its legal systems to build advocacy for their activities, ensuring they are safe and equipped to carry out their critical humanitarian work.

ISHR wanted to harness the scale and power of digital to enable more campaigners to access United Nations training and tools effectively and safely through a variety of channels and devices.

ISHR's strategic goal for 2020 “HRDs are better networked and trained and more strategic, coordinated and effective in using international and regional human rights mechanisms to push for change on the ground”


  • An increase in engagement across digital channels with training materials and tools for more effective work across their network of partner NGOs

  • A single platform for the delivery of key materials and a space for discussions and mutual support.

Illustrations of human rights themes


  • Delivered a key platform for digital transformation, through an online academy and training programme for use by tens of thousands of people fighting for human rights worldwide.

  • Attic’s process enabled the leadership team to research and understand the needs of their partners around the world, and focus resources on the digital priorities with the greatest impact, including: multi language support, accessibility in low bandwidth regions, templates and tools for effective campaigning locally, highly secure encrypted closed communication networks.

  • In addition to the academy platform, we established a target operating model framework for digital operations across the world. This covered everything from content creation, management and governance, through to secure distributed analytics and hosting.


  • The digital platform and academy is having real impact with campaigners and partners across the world, making it simpler to access the right tools at the right time safely and securely.

  • Created a suite of online resources and tools for HRDs, including an innovative, moderated training and tactical platform to build HRDs’ capacity, to collaborate, and to develop and pursue advocacy strategies and plans.

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