Employee engagement

Culture change

Removing business jargon and building a more direct & authentic client communication for this top 4 global consultancy.


Our client is a global consultancy firm that advises the leadership teams of the world’s most successful companies and is a world leader in audit and advisory.

Corporate firms can struggle with effective and direct communication free of business jargon. This can have a negative impact of how clients view these organisations, reinforcing a negative impression of inflexibility and lack of innovation.

Our work to help the business adopt jargon free communication dovetailed with their global rebrand to position our client as an innovator for entrepreneurs and businesses aimed to address this.


  • The commissioning team were aware that a new approach was needed to engage a highly skilled and demanding workforce and it had struggled to influence behaviour effectively in the past.

  • Great business is built on relationships between consultants and clients, but feedback suggested a simpler, more authentic approach to communication would be critical to making the desired transformation real.

  • These new behaviours are emblematic of the new global brand and are critical to the success of the business.

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  • Attic worked with the leadership team to develop a programme to bring the global rebrand to life.

  • Developed the concept for the overall programme, coordinated subject matter experts including organizational change experts and psychologists to identify key learning outcomes.

  • Designed and developed a set of digital experiences delivered through the global intranet, and integrated into core personal development and onboarding.

  • Delivered a combination of simulation, storytelling, role play and first person adventure, combined with real world practical tools to drive change.


The programme reached 170,000 staff and partners, and is part of the global onboarding experience and has been established as the ‘front door to company culture’

100% of staff reported finding the programme engaging and are committed to using the tools and techniques learned in their day to day interactions both internally and with clients.

The project won Gold at the “Excellence in the production of learning content – private sector” eLearning awards

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